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Return To Garner

Garner, Iowa / Movie

Fix Up The Farm

Garner, Iowa / Movie

Auto Trader 30

Where The End Begins – Outro


This Is A Holdup

Garner, Iowa / Movie

Taking Meds

Garner, Iowa / Movie

Pool Day

Garner, Iowa / Movie

I Can Do That

Garner, Iowa / Movie

Garner – Main Titles

Garner, Iowa / Movie

Clean Up Blues

Garner, Iowa / Movie

Beach Ball

Garner, Iowa / Movie


Funny / Movie

Superfugu Trailer

Funny / Game

Superfugu – Final Cinematic

Funny / Game / Heartfelt

Charged Up

Inspiring / Movie

Barry Jr

Attitude / Funny / Movie

Sax Crazy

Attitude / Funny / Movie

The Blu (Intro)

Dramatic / Game / Inspiring

Couple Of Wankers

Attitude / Movie

Sick BJ

Dramatic / Funny / Heartfelt / Movie

Garner – Main Theme

Dramatic / Heartfelt / Movie

Macabre Fantasy

Dramatic / Funny / Movie


Dramatic / Game / Inspiring


Attitude / Dramatic / Game / Inspiring / Movie


Classically trained and experienced in many styles of music, Kevin is able to adapt to the demands of a wide range of projects. From hybrid electronic/orchestral tracks for “the Blu”, to sultry sax grooves in “Eternity, The Movie”, Kevin has proven his versatility by creating unique ensembles for each project.


For “Superfugu”, an iPad game that shot to #3 on the App store, Kevin not only created all of the music but a massive collection of sound effects as well. And for the exciting collaboration of Samsung and WemoLab for “the blu” on Oculus mobile, Kevin created a fully immersive underwater audio environment, using sounds he’d recorded on a diving trip to Belize.


Currently working on the feature drama “Garner, Iowa”, the score is a modern take on classic Americana with acoustic guitar, strings in quartal harmony, and occasional gritty industrial/rock moments for the main character’s bi-polar episodes.


Living in West LA with his wife and 2 cats (and a baby on the way!), Kevin spends most of his time in the home studio. A Southern California native, he has an easy going vibe yet is persistently hard working and professional.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes Art is knowing which ones to keep

- Richard Johnson -


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